How to Contact Your Camper

Campers love to hear how much you miss them and that you hope they are having a great experience!

Email your camper while he/she is at camp!!

You can email your camper at [email protected]

To ensure your email is properly delivered, please include the name of the camper in the Subject Line of your email message.

Due to limited internet service at the campsite, campers are not be able to send response emails.

Send your camper a letter or package!!!

Here’s how to mail them: 2 or 3 days BEFORE YOUR CHILD LEAVES FOR CAMP, mail a letter or package. Mailing an item a few days before your child leaves for Camp is the best way to ensure it gets delivered before your child returns home from Camp.

Post office mail should be sent to:                
(Your child’s first and last Name)
Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times
Post Office Box 35
Mountain Center, CA 92561-0035

Shipping a package (UPS, FedEx, etc.)
(Your child's first and last name)
Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times
56400 Apple Canyon Road
Mountain Center, CA 92561-0035

Please DO NOT send candy, gum or food. We provide ample meals and snacks at Camp. Food and candy cannot be kept in the camper cabins as these items may invite unwanted visitors (squirrels, mice and ants). Campers love to receive comic books, magazines, puzzle books and personalized letters from you. Please wait for your camper to get home to share less happy news, such as their goldfish dying.

Due to the short, 4-day weekend Winter Camp sessions, mail service is not available.