Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times creates a positive long-lasting impact on children with cancer and their families by providing fun-filled, medically supervised, cost-free, year-round camp programs. We are proud to share information about our impact in 2014!

In 2014, Camp welcomed 1,433 campers (1,075 youth and 361 parents) to the serenity of our 60 acre facility in the San Jacinto Mountains. Due to the devastating financial effects of cancer, our programs are offered FREE of charge. Our program relies on over 400 volunteer staff of doctors, nurses, and specially trained counselors, who provide a medically safe and psychologically supportive environment for all of our campers. Last year, volunteers served in 857 different roles at Camp, providing 42,567 hours of service to our mission.


Some memorable quotes from our campers:

I love Camp because they have a lot of fun activities and cool cabins. The Camp has many campers so you can make a lot of new friends. The friend I made was really nice to me and very helpful.” Janine, age 9

I am super excited to be back at Camp. I’m stoked for my 1st year as a WOLP’er. Hi Mom! I love you!” Araceli, age 16 

I love Camp! This is where we go every year to escape the world, the judgment, the pain. This is who we are, ourselves. And at Camp that’s all we require.” Jeremiah, Age 16

"Today we are going to climb the tower at Adventure. I am very excited and nervous. I'll be ok because I know my cabin mates will cheer me on." Alexis, age 11

Click here to take a look at pictures from all of our 2014 sessions!