On August 26th 2017, Camp celebrated 35 years with a 'Day at Camp' BBQ!

On August 26th, 2017, Camp celebrated 35 years with a 'Day at Camp' BBQ! We welcomed more than 350 camper graduates, volunteer alumni, staff, donors, and supporters to our beautiful Mountain Center campsite. Guests were greeted by two of their favorite nurses, Fran Wiley and Shirley "Mom" Brown. We also heard from longtime volunteer and former board chair Ed Lodgen, camp founder Dr. Stu Siegel, and Brian Crater, about the significance of this celebration.

The day was filled with Camp games and activities, tours of our evolving site, and a trip down memory lane with photos and Camp paraphernalia set up in Roosevelt Hall for guests to peruse. We also gathered groups by decade to take photos to mark the occasion. Perhaps the best part of the day was watching longtime friends reconnect after decades of not having seen each other. There were embraces, tears, and such a palpable feeling of love shared all day long.

If you missed the BBQ, don't fret, you won't have to wait too long for the next reunion. Stay tuned for our 40th BBQ reunion and more opportunities to reconnect with Camp before then!

In 35 years of supporting children with cancer and their families…….

  • 21,515 S’mores have been eaten
  • 2,989 arrows found the bull’s eye at archery
  • 31,509 fish were caught and released at the pond
  • 18,512 songs have been sung around the campfire
  • 297 cookouts held at Teepee village
  • 10,917 horseback rides enjoyed
  • 61,474 volunteer doctor and nurse hours provided
  • 48,481 gallons of red “Bug Juice” punch consumed
  • 189 gallons of sunscreen applied
  • 61,474 volunteer doctor and nurse hours provided
  • 9,234 adult volunteers have served as cabin counselors
  • 415 choruses of “Kum-By-Ya” has been sung
  • 43,287 campers have attended Camp
  • 175,748 days of childhood fun have been reclaimed from cancer