Without volunteers donating their time and passion to our cause, we would be sunk! Imagine if we had to pay for or cook breakfast and dinner daily for our families. What if we had to make daily trips to the store to stock up on our essential supplies? Who would sit with our many families to comfort them and hold their hand when they need it? Volunteers make it happen.

That’s why every April (and every day of the year actually), we take the time to celebrate volunteers and volunteering with National Volunteer Month and National Volunteer Week. Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Danielle! Danielle has been a volunteer with us for almost six years. As a 31-year childhood cancer survivor, she knows how important a House like ours is.

"My family could have benefitted from a House back when I was going through treatment."

Click HERE to learn more about this month's Volunteer Spotlight - Danielle Groen.