Support RMHOC families at your own convenience - choose from a Snack Bag Drive, a Wish LIst Drive, or something else!

Snack Bag Drive 

Snack bags are a huge help to our families to have throughout the day; allowing them to grab one as they head to the hospital. Snack bag drives are great for groups of all ages to bring your community together! 

Simply collect items from our Snack Bag Flyer, and call 714-639-3600 set up a drop-off time at the House from 9am to 9pm. 


Wish List Drive 

Help support families staying at the House by collecting items most needed!  

Simply collect items from our wish list, and call 714-369-3600 to set up a drop-off time at the House from 9am to 9pm. 


Positive Notes Project 

Send a message of hope and healing to the families we serve through a Positive Note. A Positive Note is placed in each room at the House, so every family checking in receives a hopeful message. 

Here's how: 

  • Write an encouraging thought, motivational quote, personal message or draw your picture 

  • Once complete, please call 714-639-3600 to schedule a drop-off date, or scan it to Johanna Folkes, Volunteer Manager at [email protected]