Be a hero by having your party with us

The Birthday Justice League with the Ronald McDonald House is a kids-helping-kids designed program in which children have the opportunity to give seriously ill children another meaningful birthday or Christmas with their family.


Often times, when children are diagnosed with a severe illness, the special things that we often take for granted become lost. The financial, physical and emotional burden placed on parents during treatment makes it impossible to provide a simple birthday party or a happy Christmas for their critically-ill child and families. These families need a HERO!!  They need YOU!!

The BIRTHDAY JUSTICE LEAGUE with the Orange County Ronald McDonald House is a kids-helping-kids program in which children have the opportunity to give seriously ill children another happy and meaningful birthday or Christmas with their family.


On your birthday this year you can give back to these children by requesting for monetary donations in lieu of gifts, or donating the gifts received on your Birthday to our House and Hospital play rooms.



What’s Your Do-Gooder Reward?

By joining our BIRTHDAY JUSTICE LEAGUE, not only will you experience the POWER of giving, you will receive:

·        Your own amazing SUPERHERO CAPE

·        Will take your place on the online SUPERHERO HALL OF FAME WALL

·        A pick of any toy in our toy room

·        A change to join other BIRTHDAY JUSTICE LEAGUE HERO’S at our annual Walk for Kids event

·        Receive special invitations to group events that are only available to TRUE Heroes

·        Special feature on our social media avenues to tell the world about the NEWEST Superhero in Orange County

·        A tour of our house where families rest and prepare to FIGHT evil and illness everyday

·        A CERTIFICATE OF HONOR to show all that you are a true HERO that FIGHTS FOR GOOD in the world




Do I have Options?


Yes of course! There many fun and creative ways to become a caped crusader for the Ronald McDonald House!

·        Send out your donation requests with your party invitations

·        Host an independent celebration and have a donation envelopes available for your guest

·        Make your birthday a volunteer project to VANQUISH evil!

Examples of stations and tables during your party:

o   A “Get Well” card making station for our children and families 

o   Photo Frame decoration table

o   Build Sock dolls & puppets

o   Build On-the-go/quick breakfast packs for our families

o   Build  family essentials bag (chap stick, water, granola bar, sunscreen)

- These packs and bag are meant to be items that parents can grab quickly on their way to appointments.  Think of what you would want on your way out of the door to help your child battle illness and fear all day




Becoming a Superhero is easy! Simply let us know when your next birthday is and how you would like us to help you.  Download the attached form and send us your application and we can help you become a REAL HERO!

**Once you sign up, we send your parents the Envelopes, Tax ID info, and anything you might need to help our families BATTLE illness and evil!!

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