Vitual Live Events

  • DINNER and a SHOW - Stage Show!
    Sunday, May 10th @ 6 p.m.

    Just like at Family Camp you will have a chance to record your Campers (or adults) doing a performance – a song, a dance, telling a joke, etc.   Once your performance is ready, you can contact Chad for instructions on how to submit. 

    We will put all of the  performances together and have a premier of the final show on Sunday night!

    The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, May 6th by 5pm.

  • Family BINGO Night *
    Friday, May 8th @ 6:30 p.m.


  • Parent Meeting *
    Saturday, May 9th @ TBD


* Interested in Family Bingo Night &/or the Parent Meeting please fill out form to sign up or get more info!


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