Prime rib, sole sautéed and served with a tomato coulis, quinoa salad with vegetables…this is not your typical meal served at the Orange County Ronald McDonald House. BUT on December 12th, The Montage of Laguna Beach, a luxury hotel and spa, transformed our kitchen and dining room into a 5-star gourmet experience. The award-winning chefs and servers prepared an incredible dinner for our guests and staff.

Descending on the house at 4:00, their team quickly set up banquet tables and serving stations around the living room.  White linens were brought and every table was draped and prepared for a beautiful presentation of food. There was a table for side dishes which included wonderful and savory creations of salads and vegetables. A dessert table was filled with cookies, brownies, lollipops of confection, just to name a few goodies. Each table was decorated with touches of holiday décor. And servers, in white coats, were abundant keeping everything running smoothly. Plates were cleared, messes were cleaned up, kitchen was a whirlwind of activity and then, clean and quiet.

It was like a magical wizard of chefdom came, waved his wand, made the first floor into a gourmet restaurant, fed and sated us all, and POOF, was gone! Thank you Montage for an experience we will all remember.