“Asher’s Story”

At four years old, Asher has had a total of fifteen surgeries with at least two more definite surgeries in the near future. Being born with Spina Bifida, a birth defect where the spinal column does not close, had led Asher to develop many complications including Arnold Chiari, a condition where the cerebellum puts pressure on the spinal cord. His condition leads him in need of constant treatment at CHOC. For instance, in the past year, a twelve day period is the longest Asher and his mother, Delanie, have been able to spend back in their Palm Springs home.

Asher and Delanie will always find a second home at the Ronald McDonald House, after traveling hours. Delanie describes how the Ronald McDonald House has truly given them a second home because the “staff is family” and the “families are family.” Asher has made many friends at the Ronald McDonald House and loves to entertain the staff with his generous hugs and his modeling skills. To Delanie and Asher, the Orange County Ronald McDonald House has been a refuge where they rest, and find comfort in others.