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The Pasadena Ronald McDonald House is in the news!


3/29/2019  ABC7,  Ellen Leyva and Coleen Sullivan from ABC7 visit the Pasadena Ronald McDonald House to drop off Dumbo stuffed animals 

  • Preview of ABC7 visit to the Pasadena House ABC Los Angeles, News at 6 AM
  • Ellen Leyva and Coleen Sullivan of ABC7 visited the families of the Pasadena Ronald McDonald HousHouse top off stuffed Dumbo animals and gift bags for all of the families. ABC Los Angeles, News at 3 PM

2-28-19 Pasadena Weekly Bulletin Board, Family Fundraiser Walk for Kids helps raise money for families at Ronald McDonald House.


2/14/2019 Pasadena Now,  Pasadena Ronald McDonald House Celebrates 15th Anniversary

12/30/18: The Pasadena Outlook, Pasadena Ronald McDonald House Thanks Supporters

4/17/18 Pasadena Star-News, Pasadena’s Ronald McDonald House hosts its annual Walk for Kids on Sunday

9/22/2017 Pasadena Social Diary - Benefits - 2017 Pasadena Ronald McDonald House Gala Article 


An Enchanted Evening Gala Committee Bottom (L-R): Megan Foker, Britta Piotrowski, Lynn Crouse, Janet Sedgwick, Sarah Porath; Middle (L-R): Patrice Cablayan, Jackie Ficht, Valerie Weiss, Victoria Kemp, Komako Leland, Susan Ratliff, Elizabeth Dever, Patricia Kalish; Back (L-R): Meg Wasson, Suzanne Brugge, Lydia Valenta


7/17/2018 Pasadena Now, Pasadena’s Ronald McDonald House Receives Furniture, $5,000 Check from 100 ADP Employees


8/02/2016 South Pasadena Now, Kiwanis Members Prepare Meal at Pasadena Ronald McDonald House

7/05/2016 The Pasadena Outlook, Partners Trust Presents Checks to Charity

11/30/15 Pasadena Star News, Pasadena Ronald McDonald House raises $290K at ‘Venetian Masquerade’

10/22/15: The Pasadena Outlook had recently printed a photo gallery page showing the highlights from the Pasadena Red Shoe Society Oktoberfest event.

10/21/15: The Pasadena Outlook recently profiled Elizabeth Dever. Elizabeth is the Executive Director of the Pasadena Ronald McDonald House and was recently profiled by the Pasadena Outlook newspaper in her role in helping critically ill children while working to keep families close.

11/09/14: Pasadena Star News Pasadena's Ronald McDonald House Celebrates 10th Anniversary

01/16/15: South Pasadena Review Making a Difference for Others