The Moreno-Mendoza Family

Angelica has been trying to seek treatment that could help her son Juan since he was three years old. He was unable to speak due to a submucous cleft palate. Now, at eight years old, he has undergone surgery after surgery, seeking a doctor that might be able to help.

The pandemic made Juan’s medical journey even more complicated, with surgeries being canceled and travel from their home is difficult. Then, when they were finally able to make arrangements this March to come to Shriners for Children Medical Center in Pasadena, their car broke down in Phoenix!

But Angelica is resilient. She called the hospital and they kindly rescheduled Juan’s surgery and she continued on their journey.  “Now, here we are, my son has had his surgery and is recovering. My whole family is very grateful, especially my son. His life will change and improve now.”