Carl Van Gorden and Ronald

"I have believed in giving back all my life, and retirement gave me the perfect way to do it!"

My name is Carl Van Gorden and I am a Sunday Volunteer for the Orange County Ronald McDonald House. Before retirement, I taught for 51 years. I taught elementary through college and for 31 of those years I also coached track and cross country. I have been president of two HOA’s and I am the current president of my local golf club. I have three adult children. I am a proud member of my community, father, husband, and volunteer for the House. 

How long have you been volunteering?
I have volunteered at the House for 10+ years. It has been fun being here for so long! I still see many of the same staff members too, which is something you don’t find too often. 

Why you chose to volunteer with OCRMH
I first started volunteering with my wife. She would bake in the kitchen and after a while I found myself helping in and around the office. Sundays become my routine shift and I like it best because of how different the needs are each week. I always feel like I make a difference when I’m there. I am so lucky to have the family that I have, so I’m grateful to have the ability to help other families during their stay at the House. After a few years of volunteering at OCRMH my family in Kentucky found themselves using their Ronald McDonald House. My grandson was born premature, and the Kentucky House helped keep them close during those difficult months. He is doing great! 

Thank You for your service, Carl. We appreciate you!