Terry’s medical journey started at the age of eight when she was diagnosed with a condition that affected her brain and, shortly after, her entire spine, leaving her legs paralyzed in 2017. Her and her family found comfort in the House that was so close to the care she needed.

After her diagnosis, her journey was a rollercoaster of major brain and spinal surgeries – more than twenty in total. Through it all, her biological aunt, who she knows as “mom,” took Terry under her care and chose to hold her hand. Her “mom’s” love knew no bounds as she poured her heart and soul into ensuring that Terry had the best medical care and chance of recovery.

But her mom wasn't the only one who embraced her with love and support; they first stayed at the House in 2014. With trips back and forth to the hospital, it became a second home—a haven of comfort and care. “I'll never forget the relief that washed over me when I realized that while I was being cared for in the hospital, my mom was being cared for at the House and not only that but knowing the location was also right by the hospital. You become one big family with the House.”

One night before major brain surgery, Terry had a chance to stay at the House with her family. "I was also able to find comfort in a visit from therapy dogs. I missed my dogs, and it was just what I needed!” Because the House is merely a few minutes away from the hospital, Terry got a full night’s sleep in the comfort of RMHOC, rather than waking up at 3am on the morning of and sitting in the car for two hours before surgery. It made the difference for Terry – keeping her and her family close to the care she needs.